best 8 extension for google chrome

Extension is a type of web browser extension which adds additional features to the web browser. Extensions are like apps for your browser. They are small add-ons for your browser that can modify how you use and interact with the web. Extensions can be used in all sorts of different ways. They can change how…

extension for google chrome

Extension is a type of web browser extension which adds additional features to the web browser.

Extensions are like apps for your browser. They are small add-ons for your browser that can modify how you use and interact with the web.

Extensions can be used in all sorts of different ways. They can change how you surf the web, what you see in your browser, or how you interact with other browsers and apps on your computer.

They are the timesaving tools that allow users to do a wide variety of tasks with just a click. Extensions can make your browsing experience much easier.

With so many extensions to choose from for your internet browser, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best. The extension will change the way you use your browser and make it more efficient. Every extension is different, but these are the best ones you should try:

extension for google chrome


Grammarly is a browser extension that helps you identify and fix grammatical errors in your writing.

The Grammarly extension is an easy to use tool that helps with grammar. It can be used in almost any program, like Microsoft Office or Chrome. There is no need to switch between the different platforms because of this extension.

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extension for google chrome

Evernote Web Clipper:

As an extension for the major browsers, Evernote Web Clipper is among the most popular and widely used.

It is a browser extension that allows you to save pages from different web browsers and keep your content organized in one place.

The objective of this browser extension is to highlight the main idea of a page and provide you with several options for saving it.

In addition to highlighting text, it also offers some stylistic choices such as font size, color, boldness and indenting. This can be useful when you need to make changes in large blocks of text or if you have multiple articles related to each other.

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extension for google chrome

Todoist extension:

Todoist extension is on its way to become a go-to app for many entrepreneurs. It’s a free browser extension that will show you your to do list directly in your browser window, on the website that you are currently browsing.

What’s better than having all your tasks in front of you every time you browse? You can assign tasks quickly, as well as create new ones right inside the extension without even opening Todoist. This way, it won’t take up any of your precious time and help you get things done much faster with less distractions around.

link ▻ Todoist extension

extension for google chrome

LastPass extension:

LastPass extension is a browser extension which makes it possible for users to take their passwords with them everywhere they go without ever having to remember them.

The LastPass extension is used by many people worldwide and has been offered for free since 2008. It offers an alternative to password managers like KeePass which are traditionally available on a computer only and can’t be carried around with you like the LastPass extension can.

It was also one of the first password management services that was both free and open source; this allowed users to audit the code themselves as well as choose if they wanted their data stored locally or in a cloud-based system.

The downside of this browser extension is that it doesn’t offer two-factor authentication, but you can use another form of two-factor authentication such as a hardware key or authenticator app instead.

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extension for google chrome

Extensions Avast Online Security:

Avast Online Security is one of the most popular browser extension. It gives protection to browsers, PCs and mobile devices against viruses, malware and other cyber threats.

The extension has a lot more features than just protection, for example, it can also be used for recovery of data from a lost or deleted device.

Avast Online Security was designed with privacy in mind as some security solutions may collect and store personal information without your consent or knowledge.

link ▻ Extensions Avast Online Security

extension for google chrome

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot extension is available in the Chrome store and provides a number of features to the user, making it one of the best browser extensions available. It has many features that make it a unique extension, including the ability to take screenshots of your entire browser window and capture a scrolling webpage.

The tool can be used for different purposes, it can be used by bloggers to take screenshots of their website or by designers to show their UI design. The many features that are offered by this tool make it appealing and worth checking out.

link ▻ Awesome Screenshot extension

extension for google chrome

Google Dictionary Extensions

Google Dictionary is an extension for Chrome so it can provide you with definitions and translations from Google to make your life easier.

The extension connects to the Google Dictionary website and installs a toolbar on your browser’s home screen. It displays a pop up when you hover over a word or highlight it in a text. The toolbar also displays other helpful options, like alternate spellings, synonyms, usage examples and language translations.

It supports 200 languages including English and Spanish. All you need to do is right-click on the word or highlight it with your cursor, choose the language you want to translate the word into and select “Translate.”

Google Dictionary lets you search for various words of different languages in one place, which saves time and effort on an individual basis. This will be especially helpful when people are traveling abroad who are looking for phrases that they cannot find in their own vocabulary.

link ▻ Google Dictionary Extensions

Extensions Manager:

Extensions Manager is a browser extension that makes it easy to manage the extensions in your browser.

Managing extensions in browser can be challenging and time-consuming. With Extensions Manager, you can uninstall extensions and update them with one click of a button! Extension Manager also allows you to organize your extensions by category, name, keyword or date of installation which saves time searching for the right extension.

link ▻ Extensions Manager


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